Tuesday, February 17, 2015

SCH Online Applications

✦Hunt Rules: Please specify in your applications wether you are applying for "Forever Rockabilly" or  "Kawaii Full Perm" TY!

✦1- You must join {either on your main or an alt} and remain in the hunt group for the duration of the hunt. During this time stores that are participating in the hunt may send 1 group notice with sales, specials and etc once a week. Sponsors can do it twice a day. Stores that abuse this or send notices when they aren't partaking in a hunt will have this right revoked. If you fail to stay in the group or do not inform one of the organizers that you need to/have switch to an alt for the group will prevent and/or delay you. {Sponsorship fee is 150L$}

✦2- Original creations only, no bib or freebie items. Please make something that represents the standard of the items in your store. Your gift should be a new item fitting the hunt theme. NO adult items at this time.

✦3- Your store must be avatar friendly, be it kid, furry or other.  If your sim or store is set up to discriminate against any species, age or account age then Sisters Choice Hunts are not for you. We do allow and encourage all types of players to do our hunts if they wish to.

✦4- Applying does not guarantee you a place, We have store limits, deadlines and other things to take into account.

✦5- If you have to move sim or close your store PLEASE let us know as soon as possible, you will find a changes NC included in your welcome pack and vendor pack. You will be at risk of being dropped if you do not let us know.

✦6- In your welcome pack you will have a hunt poster please place it in your store as soon as you are able, hunt items should be in place for the walk through - the date for this will be included in the welcome pack and vendor pack. Prizes should be loaded the night before the hunt starts.{Absolutely NO Decoys! We do not want frustrated hunters} If you are not ready at any stage of the walk through you will be sent a NC asking you to make the required changes, if you are still not ready 24 hours after the hunt starts to get any problems resolved after this you will be dropped. Please DO NOT under any circumstances use the Hunt Image in the welcome packages to make your own signs! You must use the sign given to you. The image is for your blogs, store groups & NC's only

✦7- ALL {and we can't stress this enough} hint cards, changes cards, or any message needs to be made into a NC named with the hunt initials and your SL name AND it -HAS- to be dropped off inworld at the mailbox. Both Ezmerelda and Lyrieal's messages cap daily & NCs can get lost or not received if we crash. The safest way to ensure we get the message and can address any issues* or messages is to drop it in the mailbox where it is guaranteed that we will get it.

* If you are having issues and aren't sure if you can be ready on time, come talk to either of us {Ezmerelda Optera or Lyrieal Xevion} and hopefully we can work something out together. If you have to drop out please let us know sooner rather then later. This allows for us to make the needed arrangements sooner so that its less work having to track down other stores to get them to change out LMs and etc. {If you drop out of the hunt without notice, it could result in not being accepted to future SC Hunts}

✦8-  If you are not already and wish to become a sponsor, you may upgrade at anytime before the deadline. Details are enclosed inside your welcome package and spots are on a first come first serve basis. {5 Sponsor Spots Max}

✦9- Hunt Images & Hints are mandatory for the blog, we understand that some worry that this encourages freebie buyers, what we have seen is that this helps reassure our hunters that the gifts are of a good standard {especially for the 5Lin hunts.}

✦Please Note: These Rules can be changed at any time we see fit. Of course you will be notified of changes in writing. Please contact us if you require further information